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  1. well at least we know what we will be looking for in the Draft , OL and Secondary.
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    I quit

    Reports of Vontae Davis putting on his street clothes at Half time and walked out on the Bills Retired from football at half time. I Wonder if this set's a precedent for Shurmur to cut Flowers at Half time?
  3. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 6h6 hours agoMore Notes on Josh Gordon’s impeding departure from the #Browns: His release was not a result of a substance abuse violation or failing a test. He did injure his hamstring at a photo shoot.
  4. Jonathan Casillas‏Verified account @jcasillas52 19m19 minutes ago More Jonathan Casillas Retweeted Jay Miller Maaan... no comment Jonathan Casillas added, Jay Miller @jay_miller4 Replying to @jcasillas52 Can you tell us how trash Ereck Flowers is? Be honest bro 24 replies419 retweets503 likes Reply 24 Retweet 419 Like 503 Direct message
  5. So far I think this is the best game I have seen Apple play.
  6. Scary to think what we could do with a good front line. and a run stopping D
  7. so now every game the Giants are going to see a naked bootleg for over 50 yards
  8. offense looks like they are trying some of these plays for the first time . and some of these plays look questionable to even run.
  9. ticky tack BS offensive pass interference call on Engram
  10. I don't know what I even pay any more but I also get red zone and red zone max or something like that
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