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  1. #1 reason they Giants will win today I picked against them in the office pool .
  2. that was a TD if Eli threw it to OBJ and Not Shepard
  3. I have not read this whole thing but here is a read for everyone. https://247sports.com/nfl/new-york-giants/LongFormArticle/New-York-Giants-issues-Eli-Manning-or-offensive-line-122006752/#122006752_11
  4. https://twitter.com/i/status/1041797556672638976 not sure if this video link will work or not
  5. Eli can't be Eli with that line.... (maybe with that OC as well). Eli needs a clean pocket. He was never mobile.
  6. I would be looking at the OC....... If I was Shurmur and Gettleman. Who the hell is this coat rail riding nimrod?
  7. Art Stapleton‏Verified account @art_stapleton 21s22 seconds ago More They have the aircast out for Halapio. Not good.
  8. Ive seen enough.... til next week see ya
  9. Art Stapleton‏Verified account @art_stapleton 38s39 seconds ago More Eli Apple has a groin injury and he's out for the game. 1 reply2 retweets2 likes Reply 1 Retweet 2 Like 2 Direct message
  10. where have you been cooking your hotdogs?
  11. he should be used to getting pounded ,especially after last year even though it was from the left side. now its the right...... hmmm wonder what changed?
  12. I am starting to question Mike Shula's coaching ability.
  13. How Long can Gettleman let this OLine stink up the joint? He can not let this go past next week.
  14. bright side at half time only down by 10
  15. LPG - NYG‏ @LicensePlateGuy 1m1 minute ago More Done for the night
  16. he didnt have time, he could of pump faked to OBJ and that Saftey would of bit hard and Shepard would of been walking into the endzone
  17. wonder if he walks out at half time?
  18. 2 more seconds and Shepard was alone for a TD
  19. omeha or what ever his name is Sucks balls
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