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  1. they just picked Pressley up . They probably want to give him some reps to see what he can do before they start making cuts
  2. wow that was a great catch by Sheppard
  3. THE SNOOPY BOWL GO GIANTS 3rd stringers NOT on TV cant watch it on game pass either because I am "local" yeah 350 miles away
  4. Herzlich was robbed!!!!!!
  5. We do have a pretty good #2 QB competition brewing.
  6. WOW I know you will never see Eli do that . NICE cut back by Lauletta for the qb scramble Td.
  7. team showing some good fight not giving up. Nice long sustaining drive it has been a long time since we have seen one of those. Webb looks night and day from lastweek
  8. yeah hes just there for blitz pickups. Although he didn't know he would have to pick up the blitz while he had the ball too.
  9. no Eli, Beckham or Barkley Starting Webb,Stewart and Latimer
  10. Seems Saquan got his leg tweeked or something left practice today with wrap on his leg. He returned later wrap removed and walk off after practice.
  11. Running for that first down marker near the goal line the way Webb did is something you will never see from Eli.
  12. LOL Robert Thomas unorthodox sack but he got the job done.
  13. Chubb was pretty good in College but cant do shit in the NFL
  14. the Browns Look like they may have something finally with Mayfield,Landry Njoku and Higgins
  15. yeah there will be some different db's on the team come week 1 we will pick up some other team cuts
  16. I dont think he looks terrible . Just needs real time game play that he missed last year. and more time with the 1's and the 1's OL
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