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  1. no Eli, Beckham or Barkley Starting Webb,Stewart and Latimer
  2. Seems Saquan got his leg tweeked or something left practice today with wrap on his leg. He returned later wrap removed and walk off after practice.
  3. Running for that first down marker near the goal line the way Webb did is something you will never see from Eli.
  4. LOL Robert Thomas unorthodox sack but he got the job done.
  5. Chubb was pretty good in College but cant do shit in the NFL
  6. the Browns Look like they may have something finally with Mayfield,Landry Njoku and Higgins
  7. yeah there will be some different db's on the team come week 1 we will pick up some other team cuts
  8. I dont think he looks terrible . Just needs real time game play that he missed last year. and more time with the 1's and the 1's OL
  9. This is Gettlemans first year so most of that was none of his doing. Give him time to weed the garden . Although I still do not know why Herzlich is still there.
  10. What does Kelvin Benjamin have to do with any of this? Sounds to me like he is putting out a feeler to get to the #2 wr spot on the Giants
  11. I wouldnt think they would take that part out of the draft .
  12. Would Franchise tag money be separate from salary cap money, if OBJ had to run the route? According to https://overthecap.com/calculator/new-york-giants/ we only have about 2m left in cap money. btw that site seems pretty cool .
  13. He just dropped the price by 200k now it's just a tic over 1m. Property taxes are over 32k / year. https://articles.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/07/jason_pierre-paul_giants_montclair_home_price_drop.amp
  14. Just signed with the Giants @ConnorBarwin98: Im excited to announce Ive agreed to terms with the New York Football Giants. Lets go G-Men! #GiantsPride Some Eagle fans flipping out abut it on twitter.
  15. They are having a special on him I think this Sunday at 9 am est. On espn's E-60
  16. I'll probably take it over. For now and hand it off to some one that wants to join if no one new joins before draft I'll release all of his players
  17. Date: Time: Hello, Welcome to the 2018 National Sportswrath League (NSL) If you did not get an email from Yahoo or missed it Message me and I will send you the link . Please let me know if you are not going to play this year So I will have ample time to find a replacement . I have feeling there may be a couple openings. I set this date 2 Saturdays from opening week so if we have a problem like last year we will have a buffer week to get it fixed. Good Luck everyone.
  18. 3 wr sets? I don't think it will be that hard. 2 TE set Maybe. Will Latimer take on KR/PR duties ? That's my main question with Latimer.
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