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  1. went past the 1st down marker and a player was in the area although it was a mile out of bounds
  2. I am not impressed with the Offensive calling at all
  3. I think you get that on NFL Gamepass but its after the game is over
  4. you have all summer to practice touch on punting and you kick it into the middle of the endzone and not inside the ten on the sidelines
  5. As long as i win my square game at work I dont give a fuck anymore tonight
  6. I am already not in the mood to watch this game
  7. well at least we know what we will be looking for in the Draft , OL and Secondary.
  8. Lughead

    I quit

    Reports of Vontae Davis putting on his street clothes at Half time and walked out on the Bills Retired from football at half time. I Wonder if this set's a precedent for Shurmur to cut Flowers at Half time?
  9. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 6h6 hours agoMore Notes on Josh Gordon’s impeding departure from the #Browns: His release was not a result of a substance abuse violation or failing a test. He did injure his hamstring at a photo shoot.
  10. Jonathan Casillas‏Verified account @jcasillas52 19m19 minutes ago More Jonathan Casillas Retweeted Jay Miller Maaan... no comment Jonathan Casillas added, Jay Miller @jay_miller4 Replying to @jcasillas52 Can you tell us how trash Ereck Flowers is? Be honest bro 24 replies419 retweets503 likes Reply 24 Retweet 419 Like 503 Direct message
  11. So far I think this is the best game I have seen Apple play.
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