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  1. Well good night fellas 3:30 comes early GO GMen.
  2. now lets hope the Secondary doesn't shit the bed
  3. Barkley needs to get outside of the tackles
  4. what the fuck was that play?
  5. no more free plays in the NFL I guess?
  6. Aikman looks like he's been tokin
  7. Well.......... at least we are not Green Bay Winston and crew are lighting them up 38-3
  8. Slayton your damn WR in the NFL you are paid to catch a football. you have had 4 drops today. Bet you dont drop your paycheck.......
  9. It's like he doesn't have any peripheral vision or doesn't know how to read progressions.
  10. Yeah we didn't get called for delay of game........ Jones throws incomplete in the endzone..... probably the only time you want to get called for delay of game
  11. there we go we needed that now maybe the OL will play pissed off
  12. Jesus, the Giants haven't had the ball for about a half hour
  13. so is a broken ankle that touches the turf considered gown by contact before the ball comes out?
  14. We are not going anywhere with this stupid OC wonder how long before Judge send him to the Gallo's
  15. when your helmet comes off aren't you supposed sit out a play?
  16. did we make it to the playoffs ? I just got inside. I've been shingling my house
  17. I was reading today that the Bears bought Arlington Meadows, This maybe a precursor to a new stadium . So-long Solider field
  18. Kadarius Toney Scouting Report By Charlie Campbell Strengths: Explosive playmaker Dynamic run-after-the-catch receiver Constantly creates separation Phenomenal receiver Threat to score or rip off long gains on any touch First-step quickness Second-gear burst to get upfield Good route runner Explosive in and out of breaks Very sudden Natural instinctive runner Excellent with the ball in his hands Contact balance Runs hard Very elusive in the open field Very shifty Big-play speed Can challenge defenses deep downfield Good athleticism Dangerous returner on special teams Experienced; ready to contribute quickly Excelled against elite competition Weaknesses: Durability Short Not a large build Questionable ability to hold up in the NFL Summary: Immediately after landing with Florida, Toney flashed big-play ability and looked like had the potential to be a star. During Toney's underclassmen years, the Gators' offense was held back by inconsistent quarterback play along with a weak offensive line - that dysfunction led to a coaching change. Florida was also very deep at receiver, spreading the ball around to a number of future pros. As a result, Toney did not produce much though the air as a freshman (15-152) and sophomore (25-260-1), but did run for 360 yards on 35 carries with a touchdown on the ground over those years.Toney looked poised to explode as a junior in 2019 after a tremendous season-opener against Miami, but an injury knocked him out for the majority of the year, leaving him with just 10 catches - for 194 yards and a touchdown. Things finally fell into place for Toney in 2020, as he stayed healthy and had a talented quarterback in Kyle Trask to work with. Toney ripped off 984 yards on 70 receptions and scored 10 times. He also took 19 carries for 161 yards and another touchdown. His dynamite 2020 season led to an invitation to the Senior Bowl, where he impressed team sources with his explosive playmaking ability.Toney is a special wide receiver who is phenomenal at creating separation to get open for his quarterback. There is no doubt he is an explosive playmaker who is a threat to rip off a long gain on any reception. Toney is a truly explosive receiver who has mismatch ability for the NFL. Cornerbacks really struggle to run with Toney, who is extremely quick on top of being extremely sudden and explosive in and out of his breaks. That leads to him easily creating separation, and when he gets the ball, he is deadly. Toney possesses natural running instincts, and he turns into a running back once he gets the ball, gaining tremendous amounts of yards after the catch with his elite explosion and elusive moves in the open field.What really sets Toney apart is how dangerous he is with the ball in his hands. He has excellent vision to weave around defenders and uses his speed to rip off yards in chunks. Along with his quick first-step, Toney has a second gear and a burst in the open field with some serious explosion. He has quick feet and cutting ability, allowing him to stop-start, stutter step, maintain contact balance, and run tough to get yards after contact. When the ball hits Toney on the run, he is a big problem for defenders because he is tough to grab in the open field with his shifty moves. Toney has enough speed to run away from defenders and take a catch the distance. Toney is superb on screens and jet sweeps to race through the defense.Toney will bring significant versatility to the NFL. He can line up as an outside receiver and play the X - split end - to challenge teams vertically. Toney also is dangerous out of the slot and could be a tough receiver to defend on underneath routes. With his natural ability as a runner, Toney also could take some carries out of the backfield, alhtough given his size and durability history, that role will need to be limited in the NFL. On top of his offensive skills, Toney is a dynamic returner who could contribute on special teams, but his pro team will probably use him very selectively as a returner to protect his health.The only real concern about Toney for the next level is durability. He had injury issues prior to his senior year and is undersized. He could have issues staying healthy and avoiding getting dinged up.From his 2020 season and Senior Bowl performance, there is no doubt that Toney is a playmaker who could contribute immediately in the NFL. He could be a Deebo Samuel- or Curtis Samuel-type weapon as a receiver, runner and returner. Toney excelled against good competition and is ready to hit the ground running as a pro. In the 2021 NFL Draft, Toney could get consideration late in the first round. If he slips to the second night of the 2021 NFL Draft, he should be among the first players to come off the board in Round 2. Player Comparison: Deebo Samuel Toney's explosive playmaking ability and his dangerous run-after-the-catch skills remind me of Samuel coming out of South Carolina. Samuel was a high second-round pick - 36th overall - in the 2019 NFL Draft and has been a playmaker for the 49ers. Toney could go late in the first round or early in the second round during the 2021 Draft and end up as a playmaker comparable to Samuel in the NFL.
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