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  1. https://youtu.be/HjT-G-ReHEU
  2. Gross-Matos / Davidson 2nd rd Biadasz / Cushenberry 3rd rd I think it may be Biadasz in the second though and Davidson in the third Gettleman " We want to fix this offensive line once and for all"
  3. I do not know how well the Draft coverage will work this year . I wont be seeing any of it Live though. I have to work Night shift. GO Giants ps...... New SW template????
  4. The Giants suck so bad they suck at sucking.
  5. so 3 weeks in a row the giants miss a pat attempt albeit the 3rd was a bad snap which the improvised 2 pt conversion failed
  6. Safe is the nucleus, Jones,Barkley,Engram ,Hernandez, Helipino probably tate, slayton on O on D Peppers. Philips Mayo looks like player and coachable need connley back. needs surprise surprise OL DBs and edge rushers
  7. I dont give a shit about draft picks I want a new coaching staff
  8. I wonder who Gettlemen is look at as a replacement for Shurmur?
  9. Shurmur has to give up the play calling but is Mike Shula any better?
  10. I dont know who is going to lose us this game Shurmur and his play calling or Bettcher and his defense
  11. if he is getting manhandled by 2 cards some one should be free to rush in on murray
  12. yeah no shit they wont do it even if its blatant giving the proverbial finger to the fans owners and coaches.
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