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  1. so next years draft. OL, Secondary, LBer and DE
  2. So you have a chance to see what you have in your back up qb..... sooooo you run run throw punt. Then I hear they where looking to see how the mechanics of how the OL was working to get it on film. I feel yet again the Giants waste a chance on seeing what their back up QB can do..... he has to know more plays than that right?
  3. LOL......@GiantInsider: Eli on Odell's TD pass: "It was a 60-yard check down"
  4. https://www.12up.com/posts/5625148-nsfw-video-two-bills-fans-caught-having-sex-before-game/partners/41255
  5. I didn't read the whole thing. But, there is this..... https://247sports.com/nfl/new-york-giants/LongFormArticle/New-York-Giants-bad-calls-officiating-Week-12-Eagles-125344112/#125344112_1
  6. Are we winning??? I don't know I'm working out in the yard today
  7. way to almost give it away defense two weeks in a row you come up small.
  8. he was in the blue tent earlier in the game and came out smashing shit
  9. Shurmur pissed off at the refs and showing so emotion on tv
  10. Thoughts on Gardner Minshew AKA Mr mustache ?
  11. holy shit.... pump your brakes DUDE.....
  12. shut up booger your useless up in your bird pearch
  13. thats not a TD if not for the newly signed Brown.
  14. I added him in one of my other leagues as well.
  15. .... so The saints sign Dez Bryant.... 2 days later he tears his Achilles In practice......
  16. Yes , They will do that .anyway, Herbert is meh... And Eli will retire after the '19 season.
  17. So ...... AP whipping on the Giants like they are his kids
  18. Corey Coleman former Browns wr.
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