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  1. Giants sign DL skipper from Steelers
  2. I paused the draft for 15 minutes there are only two of us in there as of now . After 15 minutes its going down .
  3. Packers cut Kizer , Wounder if they sign Lauletta?
  4. So do we bring in Demaryius Thomas to have a look see?
  5. was he cut for attitude and work ethic?
  6. Golden Tate will free up a spot for 4 weeks .
  7. There is one slot open for anyone who wants it.
  8. Emails have been sent. Only 5 keepers Tentative Draft Date:August 31 Time: 7:30 PM Hello, Welcome to the 2019 National Sportswrath League (NSL) If you did not get an email from Yahoo or missed it Message me and I will send you the link . Please let me know if you are not going to play this year So I will have ample time to find a replacement . I set the keeper date to Friday August 30th and the draft date to Saturday August 31st from opening week so if we have some buffer time Good Luck everyone.
  9. Did any of the "no name" wide receivers catch any ones eye on Thursday night? I saw 13 out there run a couple good routes.
  10. Maybe they should move the OTA's to a boat in Miami?
  11. https://www.nj.com/giants/2019/05/did-browns-coach-freddie-kitchens-take-swipe-at-odell-beckham-jr-after-ex-giants-wr-skips-another-ota.html "Kitchens seems to believe that the former Giants superstar is not mentally ready to consistently take the field with his new team."
  12. Wait, the Giants have not played since what December???? And now, Now they want to do surgery on solder.... Why the wait??? Ohhhhh let's try physical therapy first I guess , right?
  13. baring an Eli injury or if we even have a blow out game. Dungey will see the field before Jones see's the field
  14. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26627114/washburn-db-killed-giants-pick-hurt-shooting
  15. What if Daniel Jones dosen't turn out to be like Eli??? But rather Peyton?
  16. When we get in goal line situations he could be in the backfield with Barkley.
  17. https://twitter.com/i/status/1103372553215709184 Daniel Jones 3d printed collar bone brace
  18. we do have one more pick from the browns obj trade........ I think we may need a full back.....
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