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  1. Shepard is basically baby Toomer. He always plays hard. I hope he's a Giant for life.
  2. It's not about the results but the process. So what do the Giants learn from this game? What's the process? Lol
  3. McKinney making a name for himself at FS.
  4. Why did we start Jones again? He missed practices. Why not start Glennon? Not like he would of done worse out there.
  5. Hey did Mara get boo'd at halftime again?
  6. We were at 0-3 statistically. Something like 2% of teams make the playoffs who start 0 and 3.
  7. Lol I used to do this during looses too when I bought Madden back in the day, have they made any improvements to the game?
  8. The Bungals are an interesting team, I feel like they are either going to become contenders the best two years or just be garbage again. Burrow is a hell of a QB though so far in his career.
  9. We'll time to throw NFL Redzone on and go hit my vape pen.
  10. McKinney is going to be one of those ball hawk safeties.
  11. Aren't they supposed to do a thing for the 10th anniversary SB win at half time? I wonder if Mara even shows his face? Lol
  12. It's the process not the results I trust.
  13. I don't blame ya brother. Get the gaming time in when you can my back log keeps growing lol
  14. Atleast I got NFL Redzone. Watch the other games while keeping my eye on the Giants.
  15. I look forward to another bunch of losing seasons then lol Also if the Giants go to hire a new GM and the stipulation is they have to keep Judge, no good GM will ever come here.
  16. We'll they score another TD i think I'm turning this off at half. They should sit Jones too no reason to get his brain destroyed in this game.
  17. Lolololol This team is pathetic. Jones is going to be luckily to not get re concussed
  18. Herny is still the worst guard on the team even after all the trades lol
  19. Like literally that replay he turned into a price of rubber.
  20. Oh Jesus Thomas got fucking rollled on.
  21. Jones off the mark today on a few throws. Wonder if his noggin still affecting him.
  22. On that TD throw Williams was dancing with #73 making no impact on the play. Not even double teamed. That's when we needed a play. But 23 million dollars only gets you a sack every 5 or 6 games.
  23. I didn't know NFL seasons were only a single game. Be nice if he showed up every game like he's paid to do. Also I'm currently watching the Rams drive down the field with ease after Williams let Henderson go lol
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