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Ownership Split?


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In the never ending effort to seek clicks and more clicks on a Giants season gone sour, news is Tisch & Mara are split on how to proceed at the end of the season.  Mara wants to wait and see while Tisch is ready to fire everyone and start from scratch.

I believe in continuity to the point of it being a fault.  Thought we could have stayed with Jim Fassel & Kerry Collins and just draft a LT Gallery, win a super bowl next season.  Giants fired Fassel, cut Collins, Drafted Manning and won 2 super bowls.  Clearly they knew it was time to pull the plug and they did, worked out great. 

Its been two years of Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, not ready to cut our losses.  I think a change needs to be made at Defensive Coordinator, probably some more coaches too.  Shurmur should stay for one more year and Gettleman should be here for longer.  I don't find the fault in how the seasons have been in Gettleman.  The defense has been under performing for two seasons now while the offense has improved from year one to year two.  The offense is not perfect but it has improved and the defense has gone from bad to historically bad.

We don't need a reboot, just better results and most importantly, execution from the players on the field.  Its not a question of talent, just effort.  The defense lacks both at the moment.  I do not like to say it but we have to give Pat Shurmur one more year.

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Tisch has recently back tracked on his comments saying "he was just venting" and is on the same page as Mara.

However I do wish Tisch would grow a pair of balls.

I guess the thing Mara is worried about is multiple players Barkley/Jones/Shepard/etc have come forward saying they wouldn't like to play for a team that isnt coached by Shurmur.

Last thing he wants is to piss off the only players on the team worth a damn.

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It's an interesting situation for sure. The players have supported Shurmur publicly, but I wonder what they'll say privately once the season is over. 

Like I wrote in another thread, almost every game they had to "turn the corner" this season they failed at. And honestly, a lot of it was coaching. Being inflexible with the defensive schemes, uncreative play along (Saquon up the middle again for a two yard loss!), O-linemen not knowing blocking assignments, poor clock management, etc. 

The players have hung together for sure and that's to be commended, but aside from that and the improvement of Jones there's not much positive to talk about. I don't think any of us would argue that continuity is good, but continuity for the sake of itself alone is bollocks. 

Also... Shurmurs not any good, but he honestly might have been the best of the coaching candidates that year. Who else was available? Matt Patricia is probably out too. Steve Wilks? Lasted one season. Mc Daniels bailed on his team in a literally unprecedented move after they had agreed to hire him. This year there's a much more interesting/talented group available to pick from. 

I'd keep Gettleman and drop Shurmur. 

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Drop Schurmer.

Make keeping Gettlemen conditional on how he handles the Leonard Williams contract. If he pays Williams more than $11mm per year, then he should be fired for not only incompetence but also the sunken cost fallacy, and inability to admit a decision was dumb and to cut your losses.

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Week 17 brings the end of the regular season and decision time for owners. There will be changes all over the NFL beginning Sunday as coaches lose their jobs.

While the landscape figures to bring fewer than the eight head-coaching jobs that opened a year ago, there will be plenty of activity off the field to go along with the playoffs on the field.

Based on conversations with a multitude of sources, plus additional reporting from colleague Tom Pelissero, here is a snapshot look at the coaching landscape:

» Former Panthers coach Ron Rivera has emerged as a top coaching candidate, and he has told people close to him that he expects a deal to come together quickly. It may even be in the next 48 hours. The Redskins are among the teams with a real and legitimate interest, but other teams without openings yet are circling. The Giants, if they retain general manager Dave Gettleman, figure to be among those interested.

» Redskins president Bruce Allen is expected to exit football operations, whether through reassignment, retirement or dismissal. That should make the job more palatable to coaching candidates. Owner Dan Snyder has been consulting with a group of people outside the organization on how to proceed, and the Redskins' unique front-office structure could be changing, too.

» The Giants are among the teams considering moving on from their coach, as Pat Shurmur's status is in doubt after two seasons. At this point, it appears that president and CEO John Mara is uncertain about moving on from another coach so quickly, while chairman and executive vice president Steve Tisch appears to be in favor of a new coach. The team has won two in a row and Daniel Jones has played well. Could a third win in a row alter the landscape? As for Gettleman, ownership is set to discuss everything -- his status included.


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