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Let me just say


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Theres a very real chance this team is 4-4 if Aldrick Rosas makes an easy field goal and hits an extra point. I dont know whats up with him but that extra point led to a forced two point conversion and a forced 4th down attempt when a field goal would have led to a tie.

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With a shitty OL, the offense will always play like shit... Fix that and you have a good QB, a great RB, and a decent group of WR/TEs. The defense is work in progress as the rooks are getting experience and the vets will be cut soon... yet we still need help there.. I'm not worried about Rosas.

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For years and years we have seen this OL waste away the last 4-5 year of Eli's career. Now this OL is making Barkley and DJ do their job too. This entire team lives and dies by the OL and currently - they are playing like shit and in essence - our team.


Im not even talking about the defense. But if the OL is decent and can keep some long drives going with some strong runs and easy out of the pocket for DJ then our defense gets more time as well and more motivation. This way its a shit festival. The body language alone shows it.

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This team is a lot further off then I thought it was going to be at the start of the year.


It by no means it's time to sink the ship and rebuild, I feel Shurmur is around for two-three more years to help Jones develop, however it might benefit him if he had the play calling duties given to someone else, not Shula though lol


The problem with this team are almost identical to last year, expect for the Oline and QB really.


WRs are good, but can't be counted on to win those 1 on 1 battles which help rookie QBs immensely, lets not forget all the times Eli just said "FUCK IT" and chucked the ball up to Plax to have him come down with some crazy grab and bail Eli out of a shit pass.


Defence has taken a step back mainly because they still don't have any sort of pass rush to speak of, the secondary is made up of rookies and over the hill vets and a very underachieving first round pick. The LBs (after the Connelly) injury are non existent and could use a massive intake of young talent at the position.


Luckily though we play in the NFC East, if the Giants can bring in some FA vets with all that cap space this coming offseason, and get some of these mid round draft picks contributing more, a 9-7 season might just get us a playoff run in the next year or two.

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I havent seen it. A couple jump balls in the end zone? Sure. But no one to throw deep to and no one that can consistently take a slant to the house.






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