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Giants cut thread.


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If the Gaints don't go out and get Brandon Marshall it would be a pretty big miss.


Guy is an immediate starter and massive updrage over an LB on this team.


I read they kept 4 undrafted rookies over him.

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Will we be okay with only 5 d linemen? Won't these guys tire out towards the end of drives, and fourth quarter?

I think they have LBs who are basically going to play with their hand on the line.


OX and Martin are both listed as LBs but very rarely will they ever drop into coverage.


Golden is a DE and is listed as a LB.


They just are going to be labeled outside rush linebackers

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Dickerson as the third TE is interesting. He was blocking and catching really well and I think came out of no where to make the final 53.


I hope he continues to get better.

Yeah I agree. Blocking was better than I thought it'd be at that size.

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