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Daniel Jones entire Preseason Highlights


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I'll say this. I don't want to overanalyze a rookie Qbs preseason, but Jones is clearly on another level in comparison to recent preseasons from young giant qbs, such as Davis Webb, Kyle Lauletta (though he improved this year), Ryan Nassib, etc. He's far beyond those guys.


It's a low bar to set I know, but I'm pretty optimistic about Jones. What I like best is the very strong accuracy.

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Exactly Sep. This guy has thrown some great passes. Right on the money. Not only accurately but putting the receivers in position to get yards after the catch. Hitting them in stride. A few times under heavy pressure. I hate to jump the gun, but I'm really starting to believe this kid could really be special.

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This was the best possible scenario for the Giants.


If Jones came out and stunk up the pre-season then the media/fans would be calling for Gettys head.


He's impressed a lot of people (myself included) and like Vendetta said, you can clearly see the difference between a first round QB like Jones, vs late round QBs the Giants have taken in the past.


A year behind Eli will do wonders for Jones, seeing what a year of game prep is like in the NFL plus running scout teams in practice.


Not to mention another off season of building up the Oline before Jones steps behind it.


The way I think of it, they are trying to pull a Eli and 2004 scenario when Eli got to start behind one of the best offensive lines the Giants have ever put together, with Jones.

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