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This was hard to watch


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Im still convinced we have 3 if plax didnt shoot himself


I don't know that team had cracks that were starting to show even before Plax, I remember saying it at the time the team was one of the most inconsistent 12-4 teams I've ever seen, putting strong opponents away early, but having to rally 4th quarter comebacks against worse competition.


The defence stopped getting after the passer which exposed the secondary and Spags inability to adjust, especially in the playoff game when the Eagles just went max protect and dink and dunked down the field.


The offence was driven by the run game, and whenever it went off the rails the passing game failed to make up for it, even before Plax shot himself not a single Giants WR was able to crack 600 yards or more than 4 TDs.


That team was good but the moment things went wrong i.e. the opponent game planned well, that team just went to shambles.


The Eagles basically bent the whole coaching staff over, running the exact same game plan the Giants lost too in week 14 in the playoffs.


I put most of that playoff loss on Coughlin/Spags/Silly Gilly not being able to adjust to the Eagles and recongize the same plan they were running by simply stacking the box against the offence, and Spags not knowing how to attack max protection.

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Antonio Pierce hit the wall late in 2008 as well. Couldn't cover anymore, was exposed out there. Once teams realized they could pick on him it was all over, we had no schematic answer, Spags was too much of a base D & execute kind of coach. Which is great when you have superior talent, but so rarely is that the case.

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Also if Kevin Killdrive didn't decide to pass the ball 40 times in 35 mph winds to try and impress Al Davis, we'd probably have another trophy.


Because Kevin Gilbride dictates his offense not only to the defense, but the weather. :giants:

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