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Giants expected to add 2 compensatory draft picks


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Overthecap.com projects the Giants will receive a fourth-rounder for offensive lineman Justin Pugh, who signed with the Cardinals, and a fifth-rounder for linebacker Devon Kennard, who signed with the Lions. Both players were drafted by the Giants.



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Can trade them as of 2017.


We have around 10 picks now.


Well since we have three fourth and fifth round picks, I hope they can use those to get back into the third round at least.


With only one first and second pick, and not picking again till the fourth, they are really going to have to hit on those first two picks coming in and contributing ASAP.

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he sucked


but seriously, it's like an aggregate thing. They 'say' a pick for Pugh and a pick for Kennard, but those are just the picks left over. I'm guessing Richburg comp was washed out by Nate Solder.


He sucked according to what? Pugh has been injured half the time so how does he not suck?

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Nothing for Weston Richburg?



I'm speculating because of the rules, the Giants got only two... I think I read only 32 compensatory picks are awarded and no team can get more than 3 anyway..

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