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Bill Cowher's Advice to NY Giants...


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...Which He Won't be Part of.




Bill Cowher is now 11 years removed from coaching, yet his name still often appears on coaching candidate lists when an opening comes up.


That particularly rings true with the Giants, thanks to the respect Cowher has long had for the Mara family. However, Cowher said he has no interest in leaving CBS to return to the sidelines for any coaching job, including the Giants’ current opening.


“No, it’s not even about a team, it’s about lifestyle,” Cowher told The Post. “Coaching is always going to be a great challenge and every building dynamic is different. I had the best job in football and I was able to step away and transition from it to a next phase of life, which, quite frankly, I am very, very comfortable with. I am in a very good place.”


Cowher coached the Steelers for 15 seasons, going 149-90 and winning Super Bowl XL in his penultimate season. He once said he felt like “a prisoner” in his final seasons coaching in Pittsburgh and his stated interest in returning to the sidelines has slowly dimmed through the years as he has gotten more and more comfortable in CBS’ pregame studio.


“I have a platform to talk about the game I love and at the same time I have more balance in my life than I’ve ever had before,” Cowher said. “There’s always going to be a tough time of year when coaching changes take place at the end of the season. It’s a tough profession, not a very stable one. When one person leaves it opens opportunities for some other young coaches and there are some other young coaches out there. We’ve seen it can turn around quickly with the right kind of leadership and a few key players.”


The Giants have already begun their search for a new general manager after firing Jerry Reese, along with coach Ben McAdoo two weeks ago. Co-owner John Mara has stated that he would like to hire a new GM and get his input before they start looking for their next coach.


Whoever takes on the challenge faces many obstacles ahead. The way Reese and McAdoo mangled Eli Manning’s benching hastened their firings, but the quarterback question still hangs over the team. Manning may or may not be around next season. Rookie Davis Webb may or may not be the future at the position as he patiently waits for an opportunity that may never come this season.


“They have some tough decisions to make, including Eli Manning,” Cowher said. “What’s the plan with him? Is he part of the succession plan? Does he want to play that part? I think he’s earned the right to discuss with him what he wants to do with his future.


“And I think you have a decision to make on Odell Beckham going forward. He’s going into his fifth year. Is he a guy that’s going to be the face of your franchise? There’s a new coach that you have to sit down and talk to before any of this gets done. We’ve seen some of the outbursts and stuff, some of those things need to be addressed, but at the same time let’s give the kid a chance to respond to a new locker room, a new environment that he may grow into. There’s some talent there, and some changes that need to be made, but at the same time maintaining stability. You have to make a choice with a lot of players, but those two in particular.”




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Two decisions Cowher wants no part of. :clap:


Very happy that Cowher continues to take himself out of the Giants head coaching ring. If only Bill Parcells had been so kind the last 20 years...but he does love the attention. :whistling:

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Cowher is the luckiest man alive. He keeps his job as a commentator without saying anything evrn minutely memorable or interesting for +/- 15 years.



As opposed to who? Deon Sanders? Boomer Esiason? They're paid to say things that aren't memorable or interesting. I haven't watched a pregame show in like 5 years.

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As opposed to who? Deon Sanders? Boomer Esiason? They're paid to say things that aren't memorable or interesting. I haven't watched a pregame show in like 5 years.


Or an entire Giants game in those 5 years




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