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Playoff senarios


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Here are the four ways the Giants can still clinch a playoff berth this week:


Vikings beat/tie Packers (Saturday)


Saints beat/tie Buccaneers (Saturday)


Panthers beat Falcons (Saturday)


Cowboys beat/tie Lions (Monday)



I think our ticket gets punched Monday. There is a chance however it happens in New Orleans.

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I see three good chances. In order of confidence:


Dallas over Detroit

Carolina over Atlanta

NO over TB


I'd be very surprised if Minny beat GB, in GB.


If none of these things happen, I'm strangely confident - and not even sure why - the Giants will come up big in DC next Sunday, off 10 days rest and prep.

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Giants dicked around and now they have to hope for others to dick around and lose, too. I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to win against Washington and in or lose and out.

watch the Bucs/Saints game. We may be in it at the end of this game.
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