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Nice report on TE Jerrel Adams


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Giants have promising weapon in TE Jerell Adams

Jerell Adams can provide the Giants a number of useful roles this season.


Their seventh round selection displayed the kind of versatility the team needs on offense from the tight end position. Their pass-oriented playbook demands the team field a number of qualified pass receivers, and the condition of the right side of the Giants’ offensive line demands further that they locate another blocker, and quickly.

That’s where the team thinks the South Carolina product will help them first and most often.


“It’s rare to see a guy that gives block effort like this guy,” said Marc Ross, the team’s vice president. “You don’t see these guys actually give effort.”


Adams’ physicality as a blocker on either side of the line stands out, in particular. In the Gamecocks’ meeting with Kentucky last season, he largely dominated in his assignments as a split end in the running game, often pushing opposing blockers back several steps and opening holes for backs on either side. His proclivity in the trenches often took defenders by surprise, opening holes of his own to sneak past linebackers and put himself in position as a receiver.


As a pass catcher, Adams combined physicality with speed. He was the fastest tight end at the combine, running the 40 yard dash in 4.64 seconds, and he exposed mismatches against smaller tacklers with his size; Adams broke 10 tackles last season on only 28 receptions, tied for the most among tight ends in his class.


But the quality of any pass receiver is largely determined by the quarterback throwing him the ball, and at South Carolina last season, that situation was notably compromised. Still, he improved his yardage in each of his four seasons at school.


2012: 4 rec, 90 yards, 1 TD

2013: 13 rec, 187 yards, 2 TD

2014: 21 rec, 279 yards, 1 TD

2015: 28 rec, 421 yards, 3 TD


Adams will compete not only with Larry Donnell for a spot on the Giants’ depth chart, but also with Will Tye. The former was lost in Week 8 with a neck injury, but was given a clean bill of health to play against this season; the latter emerged in Donnell’s absence to the team’s pleasant surprise, eventually leading all rookie tight ends in receptions (42), yardage (464), and touchdowns (3).

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At 4.64...that creates matchup problems with most LBers. My only concern there is that if he's chipping on a guy to get off the line, timing could become an issue. If we're a quick throw offense, we don't have time to get some of these guys down the field. His speed will help in that regard, though.

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I keep seeing things about him being a good blocker, but I remember after he was drafted reading that he's a pretty terrible blocker. It'll be interesting to see what the truth is.


The articles I read said he was a good blocker, not sure where you saw that.

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I've read nothing but good things on this pick. But he's a 6th rounder, so while I'm looking forward to what he can do, I'm not throwing my panties his way just yet.

I would either... Especially, in this economy.

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