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How Eli Manning borrowed from baseball to develop arm ‘with pop’

Mr. P

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The most telling indication Eli Manning will be armed and dangerous this season comes from Rueben Randle.

“His arm, it seemed like it got stronger throughout the season,” Randle said. “He’s never overthrown me — and he’s overthrown me twice already.”

To which the wisecracking Manning said, and chuckled: “Maybe he’s getting slower. Yeah, I overthrew him on a few Go routes, so I guess I got to get used to my own new strength.”

It isn’t only the return of Victor Cruz alongside the magic of Odell Beckham Jr. in the second year of Ben McAdoo’s offense that will make Manning armed and dangerous. And it isn’t only a motivated Randle vowing a career year in what he believes can be the best receiving trio in the NFL.

It is the state of Manning’s arm.

“Just kind of researched a little bit, got with some baseball trainers and managers, and just arm care,” Manning told The Post. “It’s not really in the football world of arm care ’cause there’s only one thrower, where in baseball … everybody’s a thrower.

“And just trying to strengthen during the offseason, a lot of rotator cuff, and warming up, the way to warm up and cool down, and just try to pick some minds and see if there’s a way to get a little more strength and endurance … and keeping it strong the whole time after four days in a row of throwing and that.

“I think I got a good plan that should keep it strong the whole season.”

Ideally, the death of dead arm.

“It feels live, it feels like it is strong, definitely has some more pop on it,” Manning said, “ and I think that’s the goal, just to keep it there for the whole season.”

Whose minds did you pick, Eli? Tom House? Ron Wolforth? Jim Benedict? Luke Fortenberry? Bartolo? Who, Eli, Who? Manning smiled and said: “That’s highly confidential information.”

Asked whose idea this was, Manning said: “You hit 34, I guess you start thinking extending careers and extending arm and just taking care of it,” he told The Post. “You always kind of thought you were doing stuff and taking care of it, but really just researching and kind of pick some minds just to get a plan for taking care of the arm and how to maintenance it.”

Randle, like Manning, will be entering a contract year. Randle, like Manning, wants to retire a Giant.

“I just plan on having the best year I’ve had so far,” Randle said.

Eighty catches?

“I think I can do that easy,” Randle said. “I was at 71 last year, and a lot more balls I could have easily got.”


“It’s going to be more than three, I can tell you that,” Randle said.

He was drafted in the second round in 2012 to catch more than three TD passes from Manning. You ask Randle whether he feels he has underachieved so far, and his answer is refreshingly honest.

“Me personally, I do,” Randle said. “I know I’m a better player than what I’ve showed so far, so this year’s kind of a statement year for me to just go out there and price myself, that I can be a dominant player in this league.”

A year ago, before he finished with a flourish, he was benched for the first quarter of two games.

“It was a personal issue,” Randle said. “It just caused me to be late here a couple of times. It’s over with now. I’m past it. At one time in the season people thought me and Coach [Coughlin] had a beef going on, which is not the case. Everything’s fine now.”

He chuckles when he is labeled The Forgotten Receiver.

“I don’t mind being that — actually, I like it that way,” Randle said. “I’ll let those guys take all the spotlight and just let me do the dirty work behind the scene.”

“I think Rueben’ll have a big year,” Manning said. “I think Rueben can be a great receiver, a dominant receiver. I think he has the ability, it’s just kind of getting it for 16 games and hopefully more than that with the playoffs.

“I think he has it in him. You’ve definitely seen him from Day 1 to Day Now, just the maturity level is definitely improved, he’s all in, he’s been here working, he’s been here off days, and so been impressed with his commitment, and I know he’s excited for a big year, wants to have a big year, and I think he can do that.”

Randle, bigger and more physical than Beckham Jr. and Cruz, is 6-foot-2 and plans on trimming down to a svelte 208 pounds for more no-huddle.

“Can go up and get the ball, good body control, catches the ball very naturally, very smart, gets everything, sees the field well, good understanding,” Manning said, “and so I think he’s got all the tools to be a big player for us.”

Does this have a chance to be the best receiving trio in the league?

“Yes, most definitely, I’m confident that we can go out there and prove that we are the best in the league.” Randle said.

Your thoughts, Eli?

“I like ’em,” he said.



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Sad that he needs to go to outside trainers to get more arm strength.


I guess Jerry Palmieri was too busy spotting Will Beatty.


Honestly I have no clue what they are doing over there besides treating injuries.

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Considering he's never missed a game, if he any of that shit does happen I'm tracking all you fuckers down and making you pay.


People were saying the same thing about his brother right around this point, and his brother's O-line wasn't a shit show of green rookies, underachieving veterans and guys playing out of position.


Do you know who'd love to see Eli on IR the most though?



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