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Everyone prepared for the Victor Cruz slump in 2012?


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I had to ask for two reasons


1. Have to shake up the forum.

2. He can't possibly have a better 2012 season after the numbers he put up in 2011.



Victor Cruz flew under the radar for most of 2011 and teams will not let him beat them again in 2012. I definitely see Nicks taking up some of the slack and would like to see a third receiver setup and fill the gap that Mario Manningham has left in our offense, could be Jernigan or Barden but I'll put my money on Hixon a year after a torn ACL 2 years in a row.

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I doubt he repeats the number he put up in 2011. This is why it's smart that Giants didn't rush to pay him.


I doubt he will be top 5 WR again but if he stays healthy and productive he deserves a good payday. As Trash Talker pointed out having another threat frees up other WRs to make plays. If Cruz didn't emerge as a threat Nicks would not have had such good plays during the SB run. He deserves good money because he will make the other WRs more productive, just like Nicks helps Cruz.

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