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Coughlin should kiss my ass


he made a joke out of a SB talent level team


the 49ers get Harbaugh, we get Hairballs.........I really think the true Coughlin is coming out.......he's very frustrated the team does not listen to him, but fails to understand how to deliver a message in a calm clear upbeat way. :rolleyes:


All that gesturing, and frustration on the sidlines is getting real real old........the guy needs to watch how some of the other coaches in the league comport themselves......no one is impressed by constant frustrated gestures

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Gilbride says Tom's ass smells like lilac. Wonder how he knows that?



I'd put my money on it smelling like Boodles or Beefeater. Maybe Tom is more of a Jameson guy but he does have some major league Gin Blossoms.


I'm just sayin'.






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lol u mad, coughlin?


stop sucking in december and everyone will gladly kiss it



Exactly ....fuck him. Be happy you get to keep a job despite gross underachievement; unlike the rest of us who would at least have been reprimanded for similar job performance.

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