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Former Giant Will Allen Arrested For DUI

Mr. P

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Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen was arrested for DUI in Miami Saturday morning. According to booking information, Allen was officially booked into jail at 10:14 a.m. The Dolphins are not commenting until the gather more information on the matter.


The website Profootballtalk reported that a league source have confirmed the arrest of Allen. The site said Allen was "arrested without being pulled over; he was waiting in traffic and making a ruckus and police who came to his vehicle determined Allen was possibly under the influence."


The Dolphins are still investigating the Allen arrest. "We only recently learned about this and as a result, will withhold any comment as we gather more information," said Harvey Greene of the Miami Dolphins.


The Dolphins have been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Defensive end Tony McDaniel was arrested for battery recently and the team tried to cut linebacker Joey Porter only to have the league rescind the move until a later date.



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Another millionaire athlete who can't call a fucking cab.



You know you took the print right out of my hand...lol. Back in the day between the ages of 17-25 I spent most of my time riding my motorcycle and hanging with guys/gals at the clubs and bars. My iron clad rule was if I was even going to attempt riding home it had to be a solid 2 hours after the last beer/drink...and if I felt the slightest bit under the weather I caught a ride with a teetotal friend, called a cab, took the bus, train or fucking walked. People would look at me getting on the bus with my helmet and saddle bags. But better that than arrested, injured, dead and/or injuring killing someone else. Now If I go out to drink I know its going to be a no driving night. Fuckers ego's get in the way. :jerkoff:

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