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Eli Tagged the Cowboys Stadium visitors locker room (maybe)


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Eli Manning Tagged the Visitors’ Locker Room at Cowboys Stadium


NBCDFW.com posted this photo of what may or may not be Eli Manning’s real signature, on what may or may not be a concrete column in the visitors’ locker room at the brand new Cowboys Stadium.


So … yeah. Pretty definitive, right? Here’s the picture. See for yourself:




The reader who submitted the photo had this to say:


“See the picture of a concrete column in the visitor locker room in the new Cowboys stadium,” the NBCDFW.com user wrote. “I heard the locker room was spat on and had many used jock straps hanging from the mirrors and other places too. What class.”


Wait. Saliva and jock straps??? In an NFL locker room?!? I’m shocked. Shocked I say. Wait until Goodell gets a load of this.


It sure looks a lot like Manning’s signature, and if the story is true, this could easily become a new tradition at Jerry World. Just imagine visiting players – drunk with victory – tagging the locker room with all manner of lewd bathroom graffiti. Over the years, the walls will become overrun with braggadocios claims, juvenile sketches and bawdy limericks. Jerry will of course hire a small village to clean the walls … or just build a new stadium. Whichever’s easiest.




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eli's a known prankster, so its not out of the question

That was my first thought as well, but Eli likes to fuck with teammates. This is a little flamboyant for him. I could see Pierce or Jacobs doing it, among others, but as much as i would love it to be true, i don't see Eli doing it.

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The only thing that makes me skeptical about that picture is that Eli's signature looks a little blurry and the writing underneath looks very clear. He is pretty funny, so he might have done it, but I don't really think he did. I think it's a sham.

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Boo hoo, Eli(possibly) defiled a fricking concrete pillar...did you guys see some of those comments...one Cowboy fan even described his actions as "bushleague"...I thought that word wasn't in the Cowboy dictionary.

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