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Haynsworth take on Jacobs and the Giants


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I don't see anything inflammatory or disrespectful about he says... except for how proud he seems to be of being a fat-ass in the 10th grade (weighing 250... doubt it was muscle mass but I digress). Other than that what he said wasn't all that contraversial... although I can feel Jacobs licking his chops.

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He's a great player, I'd expect him to be confident. I wouldn't expect any opponent to say that they expect to lose or get beat up by us. The Redskins have quietly assembled a very strong defense. It starts with Haynesworth and ex-Giant Cornelius Griffin in the middle, but I think that they got a superstar on defense in the draft in Brian Orakpo. He's going to be an impact player right away.


Plus, they have an OUTSTANDING secondary in Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Chris Horton, and Laron Landry, with Fred Smoot as the nickel.


I'm curious to see how second year WR's Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas do. Kelly was just named the starter opposite Moss. I had a mancrush on Kelly before last year's draft. He is a big target and his play at Oklahoma reminded me of guys like T.O. and Brandon Marshall.


For the Redskins, how long can Clinton Portis hold up the standard of 1200 yard seasons, and how is that OL going to perform. They are a dangerous team because of their defense, but I don't like their offense. Campbell is the wildcard in all of this. You know he's going to want to come out guns blazing after the rumor mill was flying this off season about bringing in someone to take his job. I've never thought much of him, but smart football people I've heard thinks he has all the tools to develop into a star quarterback, it's just that he hasn't put it all together yet.


This weekend is not the time for him to do that.

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Washington is not a top ten team


Their QB is very mediocre, and unlike most posters here I do not fear their D..........Cornelius Griffin?.........give me a break


Their best attribute is their HC


We should be worrying more about stronger teams than this

we should worry about all of them, jack. but i agree on the QB, I haven't seen anything from him that scares me.

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