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Patriots' Harrison rips Giants

Mr. P

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In the introduction to David Tyree's book, Patriots safety Rodney Harrison called the wide receiver's miraculous catch in Super Bowl XLII "lucky" and said Tyree is one "lucky" blankety-blank. Apparently, he thought the entire Giants team was lucky. On the NBC pregame show Sunday, Harrison was asked for his prediction. Harrison, who couldn't knock the ball off Tyree's helmet as the Giants' wide receiver made the miraculous catch to extend the game-winning drive, then revealed even more sour grapes. "Unlike last year's Super Bowl, this year's Super Bowl will be won by the best team," Harrison said, "and that's the Pittsburgh Steelers." At least he got his prediction right.


Newark Star-Ledger





fuck em

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the dog thinks the comments made at the end of the pregame were more of a joke than anything, the reason being is that in an earlier interview yesterday about that play, he dismissed the idea that it was luck and said how Tyree made the play he had to make...not sure what the book piece is about...


who cares what harrison has to say anyway, he is obnoxious in general...and it is a year removed...history at this point.

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