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Replacing Spagnuolo


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I totally forgot about Romeo. He would be worth a look, though I think he runs the 3-4.


I would be totally content with Sheridan, but I think we should at least test the waters if we dont promote within. None of this, "he's a good friend of Tom" shit.

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Tim Lewis for DC.


Four more years of 20 yard off coverage!

He's actually doing a good job with the Panthers backs, but he sure as hell cant run the entire defense. Funny thing is, when he was running ours it seemed the D backs were the biggest problem. :rolleyes:

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He's actually doing a good job with the Panthers backs, but he sure as hell cant run the entire defense. Funny thing is, when he was running ours it seemed the D backs were the biggest problem. :rolleyes:


The Panthers defensive backfield is horrid, did you see their stats and watch last weeks playoff game?


BTW say no to Guinta, he was the 2000 Rams coordinator under Martz and that defense was one of the worst schemed defenses in the history of the league.


Make it SHeridan, he will keep the system and guys like him.

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Crennel really wouldn't be a bad choice.



I agree....just call Cleveland the Graveyard of Former Giants Coaches. I think he would stick to the system in place and apply a few wrinkles. Him or Sheridan. Not sold on Capers and don't believe in Secondary Coaches taking that kind of a jump up. Too much Johnny Lynn and Tim Lewis history for that kind of shit.

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Giants GM Jerry Reese described Spagnuolo as a great teacher. Now, Reese is just happy that Justin Tuck, Fred Robbins and Osi aren't leaving to St. Louis with Spags. After a miracle playoff ride last year, Steve felt it was time to take over an NFL team. And he is more than qualified, as is proof with the performance of Big Blue's defense in last year's Super Bowl vs. New England.


This hiring leaves me with two questions now: Will the New York Jets regret not naming him their leader and, more importantly, what will the G-Men do for a defensive coordinator? I expect the Giants to promote from within as Coughlin has three candidates to choose from. Linebackers coach Bill Sheridan or defensive line coach Mike Waufle could try and keep Spags' system going. Secondary coach Peter Giunta was the Rams defensive coordinator during their 1999 Super Bowl run and may have new ideas on attacking offenses.

Whomever Tom and Jerry decide on, they can only hope it turns out as well as their last man running the defense.


\\from Fooch

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Dom Capers, who worked with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville, could replace Steve Spagnuolo as Giants defensive

Posted: 3:14 pm

January 18, 2009


GLENDALE, Ariz. - Two years ago, Tom Coughlin considered hiring one of his former assistants, Dom Capers, as the Giants new defensive coordinator. Coughlin, though, decided to steer away from the familiar and instead brought in Eagles assistant Steve Spagnuolo, someone he had never before worked with.


That move was an overwhelming success, so much so that after a Super Bowl title and a first-place finish in the NFC East Spagnuolo is gone, earning himself the head coaching job with the Rams. Now Coughlin is faced with another decision and reports have surfaced that he is targeting Capers to run the Giants defense.


It would make sense. Capers, 58, served that role for Coughlin in Jacksonville in 1999 and 2000 and is a respected defensive mind, although he primarily advocates a 3-4 defensive front, something the Giants New York Giants do not use. Capers did employ a 4-3 defense when he worked for Coughlin with the Jaguars. Capers this past season worked in New England as a special assistant and defensive backs coach. He twice was head coach of expansion teams, first in Carolina in 1995 and then in Houston in 2001. His head-coaching record is 49-81.


The other move Coughlin could make is to promote from within, in which case the likely choice is linebackers coach Bill Sheridan. If Coughlin doesn't make that move he risks losing Sheridan, who is believed to be at the top of Spagnuolo's list to run the Rams defense. Peter Giunta, the Giants defensive backs coach, will also be considered, as Coughlin no doubt values Giunta's background as a defensive coordinator with the Rams during their 1999 Super Bowl season.


Giants players late in the season expressed their hope that if Spagnuolo left his replacement would be from the staff, which would keep the scheme intact and help as far as continuity.

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