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Peace out Sinorice


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If we get rid of Plax he will still be here.


If we keep Plax...he will still be here.


The Giants FO likes the kid....and until someone on here gets into the Giants FO..I doubt he's gone soon.


He provides no value what so ever. He trips over himself, runs backwards and runs into his own guys.


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Trying to work that Webster magic huh Blue? :P


No, I liked Web....I always seen that he had really good potential..even when he was benched.


Moss I think is a solid WR who obviously the Giants think have value if he kept him. He isnt doing anything wrong or bad..he's more or less the town mule that people beat when their angry and think that who ever we kept in place of him would of done anything better.


But hey..you never know...maybe some of that Webster magic will work out :P

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I want to know how on half of his catches this year, that fucker has tripped over his own feet.


When I played football in H.S. I worked with this trainer who had me as part of the workout finish with 40 yard sprints both with and without my eyes open. I forget what the benefit of running short sprints with your eyes closed was but I think Moss is actually doing that WHILE he is on the football field. That might explain him tripping over casper.

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can u actually provide me details of this all the time shit youre talkin




because i saw it the other week yes and it was ridiculous, but thats the only time this season i saw it.




so u got me curious george over here

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Players on good teams step up when their big WR goes down. Not one player with the possible exception of Smith has stepped up in the receiving core.


Smith hasnt really stepped up either..he has always been a sure handed WR we usually go to on third down.


If we are hating on Moss we should be hating on the entire WR core, who up to this point hasn't filled the shoes of our #1 WR.

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I've been on the Moss bandwagon for a while too, and Im staring to fall off. WTF was that shit hitting his own guy and falling down. :huh:

At least there was contact this week and not a self-tackle.


Like I've said all along, this kid has shown no instinct for the game.

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When it comes down to it, do you really want to go to war with this guy? I say no.


Let's take another team as an example, say the Chargers. Look at their WRs! You have a big time, big target in Vincent Jackson, another one in Malcolm Floyd, and another 6-5, 220 lb receiver in Kassim Osgood. All three of those guys are big, tall receivers and two of them (Floyd and Jackson) are proven big time threats. Then you have Chris Chambers, who also is a big time threat and is a proven commodity.


We have an aging Toomer, another solid possession guy in Smith, and Hixon, who is becoming more and more apparent he is not a starting-caliber WR in the NFL. Then we have a little runt in Sinorice Moss. We all give Reese a lot of accolades, but this WR corps has been mismanaged and doesn't compare to what other teams have, even with a healthy Plaxico. I say start giving Manningham some reps at the X receiver and see what the man can do. We need a spark, we need somebody who opposing defenses worry about.

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