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We win the NFC East ....if Dallas lose


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An 11-2 record that forces an opponent to have to "win out" to win the division is not backing into a spot. If we lose the next three games, then you can make that argument.

Maybe from a strategic point of view. All's I's a sayin' is, I's a rather had won the game that gives us the division, not have to count on someone else's fuckup to get us in, especially Dallas. I know we can still take it on our own, but........crap, you know what I mean, I know you do.

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We got the first round bye too right?



I don't believe so... with one more win (or Minny loss) we will have clinched a first round bye. But Minnesota can still tie us mathematically and it would go to tiebreaker... which we probably win, but I'm not sure.

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