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NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles


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Got a six pack of Pilsner Urquell.


This is probably Caliendos worst impression.


And Strahan is kicking ass on the picks on the Fox pregame show.

That was fucking hilarious though, when he said the Cowboys wont mke the playoffs, and the guy on the megahorn yelled "Over rated!"

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"Hey Mr. Sunlight,


Gonna Outshine your bright"


was singing that song in my head all morning as I was plowing my drive way with my Lawn Tractor


Giants/Eagles ............ I m so there



LET'S GO G-MEN :flex:

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Die Gildbride


You wanna throw a pass like that and give your receiver an opportunity to do something with the ball, do it on first or second, not third and 8. Giving a receiver the ball 8 yards from the first down line when he has no forward momentum...flat out stupid.

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