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Mosely does a pretty decent job but he does seem off his game the past few weeks. Can't blame him though the Giants gameplan hasn't exactly changed. 200 yard game on the ground, Eli throws for first down, Giants get up on the scoreboard, defense settles in. And if the other team mounts a comeback Eli does what he does and puts us in the lead again.

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Tennessee is in a perfect storm to allow them to start as well as they have. The AFC is now weak as shit and how the fuck is Kerry Collins playing way over his head? Their defense is for real though.



Who says Kerry Collins is playing over his head.


He went to to the playoffs 4 times. He lost a Championship game with Carolina, he won a huge won for us at the end of 2000 and he looks poised to head back to the playoff for another deep run this year.



If the guy ends his career with over 35000 passing yards and manages to take 3 diff franchises to a conference championship game I think you would have to say that he has had a very nice career.





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he is only 35 yrs old. well he will be 36 in a month or so.


The fact remains that when the guy has played behind a decent o-line he has excelled.


whether or not the middle of the Titan O-Line will be able to handle Jenkins remains to be seen, but if they do I think Tenn will win again this week.




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