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  1. sample from the questionairre: 1) do you have a handgun? 2) if yes, do you take it to nightclubs? 3) if yes, do you know how to operate the safety?
  2. HE drops a lot of easy catches but makes some real great ones too. Sounds to me like his drops could be coached out of him.
  3. agreed. Can you imagine loosing a QB to injury on a play like that ?
  4. Anyone else here think that Quintin Demps should have been ejected for that late hit on Sunday against Warner. The play was over for about 5 seconds when Demps hit Warner. I think QBs get that late hit flag too often, but that shot was just plain dirty - thoughts ?
  5. its good to hear that some of the key guys on the offense hang out together ( without guns) - Good for the Team
  6. Did any of you guys ever notice that Jerry Jones wears an aweful lot of makeup? I know that guys that are on camera a lot have to wear makeup, but he really seems to slap it on thick. Ya gotta wonder
  7. I think that we have to start off throwing the ball ( nothing deep and risky) but we can't afford to have Philly stack the box every down- If any D can shut down our Run its the Eagles. We need to keep their LBs off guard - not knowing if they should drop into coverage or not. - KEvin Boss could be the decisive factor in this game.
  8. 9697


    kinda figured that. He's the type of player that needs rest more than practice
  9. 9697


    he hasn't practiced all week, will he play ? I haven't heard anything
  10. of course. Eagles will win a Superbowl this year just like back in 199never. Stock up on the prozac or Nyquill or whatever you're mixing with cheap gin, and get set for yet another Phiily meltdown sandwich on Giants bread.
  11. I don't see any riding going on.
  12. I was gonna take the high road until D4P showed up spitting stupidity from his pie-hole. fuck philly and their loser- forever Eagles. We will beat them and they will spiral into a 5 year rebuilding program.
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