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Nick Swisher is a Yankee


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its a great move. swisher will not be playing first base thats for sure. He is a very good corner outfielder and Im pretty sure thats where he'll play...Abreu is not coming back. Now they just saved a ton of scratch so it looks like CC and Tex are very much in the picture. Its a great deal. Trading a bum like Bettermeat, a guy who projects to never be a good major league pitcher and a decent relief prospect for a 27 year old major leaguer with 30+ HR power that walks his ass off and leads the league in pitches per plate appearance is highway robbery.

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Swisher is a hard nose player that should give the Yankees a well needed personality boost, but I was hoping to re-sign Abreu.

I liek Abrue too, he was the perfect guy to hit in front of the rod, but this is good deal. Swisher is a better outielder than Abreu, has more power, walks just as much and sees even more pitches. He easily replaces abreu I dont think he will bat 3rd, but he could. even though his BA was low last year, he ha a high line drive ratio so it was just bad luck. he hit the ball hard most of the time.

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