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  1. Hm. Salary floor. I hear all these arguments for parity and ceilings. But to a degree, I like the variety. Except for bullshit small market teams who don't reinvest the money earned, and especially now, given to them.
  2. The Blue Jays put up a good fight. Your pitching was devastated though...just like last year...so there's not much you could've done. Plus Alex Rios, who if you look at him, should be an amazing fucking player, took an astounding leap backwards. Again. It's promising to see the offense that some of your younger guys provided though (Lind, Snider, Hill). You definitely should have traded Halladay though. That was your biggest mistake and it could have repercussions next year.
  3. Your defending American League Most Valuable Player is balding prematurely.
  4. What a monster. Every sport needs a man who is above and beyond. Basketball has Lebron and baseball has Albert Pujols!
  5. Wait until Buster Posey gets gets called up and actually CATCHES.
  6. Agreed! Didn't manage to draft him this year but honestly, what a pitcher. The Freak. Too bad he endorses such a bad baseball game. I have hope...but not with 2K Sports.
  7. Whoa. Baseball needs that amazing player...then again, we've had Braun and Longoria in recent years. I'd like to include Pedroia but that's another story. Still, Braun and Longoria hit the ground running and haven't stopped...but they're no A-rod or Griffey either.
  8. Imagine if he didn't call Petco home. But yah, I have a lot of respect for Adrian Gonzalez...and the squinty eyes make me feel as if he was a countryman.
  9. LorfTVP


    Can't really deal people away players at their lowest point in value. I like the bullpen idea though. It's for the best. He's proven himself in AAA but needs to prove himself in the majors. Simply put, put him in the pen, teach him how to get batters out, and enjoy the results.
  10. Sigh. At least they show everything in HD with Extra Innings. Center Ice shows one game a day in HD and that's a damn shame. But honestly, how difficult should it be to simply have every game available? Sigh. Sorry, dude.
  11. I know they say hitting a 90+ mile per hour fastball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports but how about being able to consistently throw a ball into that strike zone? And where you want it. Damn.
  12. With a beautiful ballpark too.
  13. That kid is insane. I hear they're worried about how many innings he's thrown already but I think he's at least definitely going to get a cup of coffee this year.
  14. No respect for Mueller? I always thought that he was one of those gentlemen of the game like Mike Sweeney, Sean Casey, Tony Clark, etc.
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