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  1. granderson is 1 of only 2 yankees consistently hitting well this postseason.
  2. bengie molina is a really sucky hitter, its impossible to look at his stats for his career and not come up with that conclusion lol. He's gotten on base less than 30 percent of the time three times in his career...thats putrid.
  3. players who are turning 36 are supposed to start hitting less hrs...lets just enjoy what should've been happening the last 15 years
  4. he was more muscled up years ago when he was on roids.... he just isint as good anymore because hes older
  5. also maybe cash thought this would light a fire under joba , get him a little nervous about being relegated to the 6th and 7th innings.
  6. So then Javy is obviously trade bait, probably for another bench piece/DH to replace Nick Johnson, who apparently died. How about to 'Zona for Adam Laroche?
  7. deal for lee is just about done, I'll miss Montero but DAMN... 1-2 punch of CC and Lee is tops in the game.
  8. Grandy is coming back soon enough... and Carl Crawford will be in LF next year so its all good in terms of getting younger after this season.
  9. Yeah, I see what your saying but its waaaaay too much of a hit to have to play Cervelli and Pena on a regular basis while having "shifting" DH spot for aging players. Both are good bench players, but shouldn't get that many ABs in a season. Why cut Johnson loose? When he's healthy he is light-years better than Cervelli or Pena over the course of a full season.
  10. I don't understand. You're saying you can DH those players and thats why NJ is hurting the team, but NJ is a hell of a lot better than Pena or Cervelli, who you'd have to play in the field at that point.
  11. Nick was not hurting the team. He got on base 38 percent of the time in the number 2 hole... I'd like to see Miranda or anyone else who replaces him do that.
  12. To ask you all what you think about my fantasy baseball squad- Be Brutal C- A.J. Pierzynski 1B- Joey Votto 2B- Brian Roberts 3B- A-Rod SS- Elvis Andrus OFs- Justin Upton, Curtis Granderson, Adam Dunn, Brad Hawpe UTIL: Ortiz, Matsui BN- Heyward, Konerko, Cameron, Scott Sizemore SPs- Kershaw, Cain, Nolasco, Brett Anderson, Phil Hughes RP- Fuentes, Gonzalez, Franklin BN- Derek Lowe
  13. LOL, this is sooooo pathetic that its hilarious
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