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Power Offense Coming Back?


The odd thing is... they use Miami as the example... but honestly, who's got more of a power offense than the Giants?


We have a 6-5 reciever and a 6-3 reciever.


We have three big tight ends, two of which can run and catch the ball.


We have a HUGE O-line... everyone but O'Hara is a monster, and Snee and McKenzie are absolute beasts.


We have a 265-lb running back, for crying out loud, and a 280 lb fullback. (Just read this last sentence again to let it sink in).


Ronnie Brown, Boomer Grigsby and Anthony Fasano? Give me a break. :TD: The Giants have given the league the blueprints to win on Defense AND Offense.

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Yeah that was Charles Woodson during the NFC conference game. He got up after that play thinking he was still a Raider.


I was thinking the same thing as I read this article. All I could picture was Jacobs sending some poor speed LB or CB into the ground.
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Poor Woodson, he never banked on having to make tackles. Bradshaw ran through him later on in that game.


Actually when somebody is that much bigger than you it's a good way to not get hurt. Woodson had no shot so letting Jacobs run him over and then take him down with you is the best choice (Woodson did stop Jacobs). If he had tried to knock Jacobs back it probably would have been career ending.

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