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Devin Hester


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Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn admitted he has laid awake at night this week thinking up ways to defend Bears return ace Devin Hester, who had two runbacks for touchdowns last week against the Broncos.


"You don't sleep much" the week of a game against Hester, Quinn said.


The Bears have gotten creative with Hester, even dropping back four players on punts to form a wedge for his returns.


"I've never seen that before," Quinn said. "I've seen three guys back, but never that many."


Here is an easy one....DON'T KICK TO HIM!

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i think we might as well go for it on every 4th down in Chicago's half ..... dont punt at all unless absolutely necessary !!!


If we're on Chicago's half, Feagles can just Coffin Corner Kick it and pin them inside the 20. Hester can't break a return if the ball is kicked out of bounds.

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