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Romo is going to spank our ass.


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Remember the Steelers last year? Anything can happen.


Yeah right :LMAO:


If we win the super bowl, would we be the first team to fire the enitre coaching staff? Because that's what we should do.

you're right. That is what I was thinking last night. I even called my friend to verify the Steelers slump last year to make me feel better. I doubt it will happen to us though.

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We will spank Tony Homo's ass.

He is a rookie QB that is being showered with praise. It is time for Big Blue to smack the shit out of him again. God Willing we will have one DE back this week and TC and Huff go to the game plan that crushed the Cowhores four weeks ago.


This game is gut check time.... Nothing to this point shows that this team has a set right now, I hope they prove me wrong.

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