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  1. I'm still good to keep Judge. I like his energy and everything he says I seem to agree with. I think he needs to develop too as a first time head coach, but we are devoid of talent and 1, you can't do much with that and 2, that falls on Gettleman
  2. Yeah...I think if it's proven Jones is a bust, which he would be if we are looking to replace him, that alone would be a death sentence to DG. Thomas underperforming compared to fellow draft class OTs would further the cause. We have drafted good positions but just misevaluated the guys selected
  3. Not sure he sucks...but if his offseason was spent working to eliminate turnovers, he has failed thus far. I am not sold on him and if we continue to lose, I would not be opposed to replacing him come draft day. Don't see that happening with DG still in house. But am okay with him being replaced at this point too. We have lost for too long to make exceptions.
  4. Pick up the option, keep him. But don't get too far away from the phone should calls come in. Agreed he is a phenomenal talent, and agreed we weren't ready to draft him. That said, I won't criticize the pick.
  5. That's a good point about misdirection or motion presnap...did not see much of that. Then again, not sure it would've made too much different when our oline was just overrun repeatedly. What irks me is play design. Every team runs pick plays or has some facet that gets a WR running free. Green Bay has done it for years. Steelers did it last night. It's like you look up and there is no defender within 5 yards. It can't be that hard to install in our offense, can it?
  6. @BIC...pretty much agree. Team played better than I expected. We moved the ball against a very talented defense despite not having a run game all night. Engram plays because he's extremely athletic. It just doesn't translate to the field. The poor blocking and drops at this point should pave way for Kaden Smith to start. Still give EE some chances when a matchup dictates, but he needs to move down the deprh chart at this point. Barkley, I don't see as trade bait. His work ethic, his personality, to me anyhow, mean a lot. The negotiations will be tough, but I think he needs to stay until we get him an adequate line to run behind. Defensively, I think it was about as good as this unit is going to play this year. And that doesn't bode well. All that said, I think Chicago will be a much better litmus test for how much we have improved.
  7. If the offensive line can hold up, a big if admittedly, we could get 7 or 8 wins. Our defense is worrisome though. I don't see where we upgraded the pass rush at all and our secondary is sketchy. All in all though, the offensive line was terrible and needed to be the focus it was this past offseason. I would imagine that next year, the primary focus will be defensive in nature while plugging a few offensive holes
  8. Yeah, not used much his rookie year. Came on his 2nd year, lit it up his 3rd year, got hurt, and was never the same after.
  9. Toomer is an all time great Giant. Not sure it goes much beyond that. Beckham had the chance to be best WR ever, NFL-wide...but was too much of a headcase and is now wasting his career in Cleveland. Steve Smith was my favorite Giants WR of all time and I hate that injury stole mist of his career. No WR, to me, showed as much combined effort and talent as that guy. Was ALWAYS open when he needed to be. What a Mr. First Down he was.
  10. It's no different than the 12 year vet retiring and going broke 3 years later...lack of sense, lack of education, lack of priorities, inability to consider the future in the present....generally speaking, ill-prepared in every way imaginable to be an adult.
  11. He's needed...and shouldn't be the only cb we look at
  12. Good...likely to start with Solder opting out
  13. Whatchu all gonna do with that season ticket money?
  14. But yeah, I was glad to see resources spent on the line this offseason for both Jones and Barkley. That trend needs to continue next year with a little more help on defense...Carter and Ximines are huge wildcards this season. I hope that a little offensive consistency bodes well for a more rested defense and more pressure on opposing QBs...but that's a big step to take. I just want a season of football...thats a bigger concern for me
  15. I won't discredit Emmitt too much, because his vision to see those holes opening was what made him special. That said, I would have loved to see Barry behind that line in his prime. Emmitt was good, but he wasn't close to Sanders despite stat lines.
  16. Don't overlook the skill position players who CHOSE to join him. Eli tried that, but his teammates didn't seem to want to play along as I recall. Guys like Tiki, Burress, OBJ...I vaguely remember working out on their own and dismissing the chemistry argument altogether. I think this bodes well for us so long as Jones doesn't give everyone the Corona.
  17. Won't take much to convince a jury that two thug millionaires, having lost 70K, had motive to recoup it. Partygoers already stating that Baker and Dunbar parked their cars in such a manner to make a fast getaway. Speaks to premeditation. One of the assailants had a mask, and not seemingly for Covid purposes. Again, showing it was planned. No property was returned...proves it wasn't a joke and even if it was...think if you're the one at the end of the barrel...are you gonna testify that it was all just tomfoolery? Don't think so. Dunbar and Baker are gonna have to plea out of this in hopes that the felony charges get dropped. That will save them jail time...but I gotta believe they both took their last snaps in an NFL uniform. Personally, I hope that no plea is even offered. Let these guys rot in jail for 10 years and live lower middle class the rest of their life. On a side note, it'll be interesting to see if firearms were properly obtained/licensed/registered. Would lead to additional charges.
  18. Was gonna take my Steelers-fan old man to his first NFL game this year...but at 70, he doesn't wanna risk getting the Corona...plus...fuck Monday nights
  19. I'd be taking a crash course in centering if I were him. Fastest means to starting on this team.
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