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  1. I would watch Rachel Nichols do just about anything, including the Manning brothers
  2. To clarify, I think he gets in on the 2 SB wins, his consecutive start streak, and his last name. I just think those one of the two SBs at least, were more about the defense than Manning and his inconsistency year to year is often overlooked. I just don't see the 'putting his team on his back' thing with Eli...he always needed help around him to elevate Eli...not the other way around in my opinion. Glad he was a Giant, loved number 10 lining up for us...I am just a little more picky when it comes to the HoF
  3. 9/26 would be cool...but not fighting the crowd to be there for it. Ring of Honor, All time Giant...sure. Still not convinced he is hall of fame outside of consecutive start streak...he is borderline in my opinion.
  4. I'm torn...he was good enough to have been kept but not at what he was paid. Glad he had his shot and glad he hung em up before permanent disability kind of stuff set in
  5. I don't blame Coughlin necessarily. He was old school and went with what he knew. Old school strength and conditioning coupled with losing the locker room. Not that guys hated him at the end...just seemed like the course was run, message got stale. That said, the youth, the energy, the openness that Judge brings is awfully refreshing and motivational. I am stoked he was the choice and haven't heard anything from him yet that I disagree with. He demands hard work and doesn't accept half-assing anything. That is exceptionally important given the focus on keeping guys healthy has taken so many snaps away. You only get 50 reps and you hit half of them half heartedly? What kind of effort is that? I think that's the Patriots way...maximize effort. Find a guy who has 75% of the ability of the top guys, but gives twice the effort. That's what Judge seems to have instilled. That want-to attitude...the uys who want more practice to get better...not the guys who are simply naturally gifted looking to collect a check for as long as possible.
  6. I would certainly thnk we should take a look...work him out, etc
  7. I dont mind the camp competition. Signed Corey Clement too who I like for depth purposes
  8. Either way you slice it, Jones has to improve and so does the offensive line. Comforting thought is that if 2021 goea to shit, we are prepared ti get new QB and offensive line in draft ext year
  9. Kyle Rudolph can catch. Booker and the rookie can back up Barkley although I wish we'd have kept Gallman. I would hope and expect some offensive line depth added as teams widdle down their rosters and cut vets
  10. And yeah..at this point...I would love to look at quality special teams guys to wrap draft up...then keep an eye out for veteran cuts. I could see us signing a veteran to plug the o line this year and really focus on it next offseason with several early picks.
  11. Liking his Ellerson kid...effort is there...ability is there. Every flaw I see listed stems from adding a bit more power/strength in his legs...but on the right path already having added 50 lbs from freshman year. A good strength and conditioning program could put a nice shine on this guy.
  12. In case we needed an example of what Shakes wanted this offseason: Chiefs offensive line: The last time we saw the Chiefs, their offensive line was battered by injuries and Patrick Mahomes was running for his life in a Super Bowl loss. The Chiefs have addressed that problem. Kansas City has attacked the line all offseason. They signed former Patriots guard Joe Thuney. They traded for Ravens tackle Orlando Brown Jr. Then on Friday they got a nice value pick with Oklahoma center Creed Humphrey late in the second round. They also added Austin Blythe, Kyle Long and should get Laurent Duvernay-Tardif back from his opt-out. Mahomes shouldn't have to worry about protection this season.
  13. Osi looked bigger than this guy...but looking back at Osis career...I would love if Ojilari filled that mold Seeing him at 249 now..closer to where he needs to be. I think OLB in a 3-4 is his spot...would not be good as 4-3 DE at this point
  14. 240 seema a bit light for a pass rusher...would love to see a little bulk if he can maintain speed. But love first 2 rounds so far and even moreso the prep for next year. Will have to watch more college this year given how active I'll assume we'll be
  15. So 2 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds, 2 fourths next year
  16. Trade down again...now it's all DG ever does...lol
  17. Also, if goal is to truly evaluate our QB by giving him all the weapons, then he needs protection too.
  18. Yeah,I wanted Slater at 11, but love the trade down just as much. Still would've liked the OT or Paye at 20...but I don't hate the WR pick. He'll do quite well methinks. That said, to knock it out of the park, they need to hit on pass rush and o line depth tonight. Do that, and you can claim DG is at least planning appropriately.
  19. Shepherd and Slayton got coveted pretty well last year. Engram drops 2 for every 1 great catch. That said, with a running game, the balance should return a bit provided Barkley stays healthy. Still wanted pass rush or offensive line. Owah and Darrisaw and Paye were the ones to choose from for me.
  20. Darisaw, Paye, Owah...happy with either at 20
  21. Lol...I have a feeling he's gonna be a pain in our ass for a decade...but still like the trade
  22. I can't complain too hard about that. Lets hope the Bears suck ass in 2021
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