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  1. Between Booker and Barkley, I'm good. What about Gallman...he is still unsigned no? Bring him back at vet min if need be
  2. RB in draft should not happen in too 4 rounds given OL, pass rusher, and a WR. Might even throw in CB too given defenses play so much 3 CB/2 S
  3. If the front 5 don't improve, it may be worthless. No deep passes to Golladay without some level of protection up front. I would hope for one of the top 2 picks to be offensive line...
  4. KG got the 18.5 avg he was looking for. First round is up in air now...OL, WR, DE/pass rush...all could be in play.
  5. 4 yeara, 72 mil....up to 76 mil with incentives from what I just saw
  6. So you can lump it all into salary, cut a player, and be off the hook big time for cap purposes...but players want the money guaranteed so 1, they get a big check now, and 2, they don't deal with the unknown/unsure future.
  7. Further....signing bonus is guaranteed. Salary, roster bonus, workout bonus, and incentives are not....meaning if player is cut, they don't get paid those amounts.
  8. All of it goes against the cap...it is just prorated different. Roster and workout bonuses and salary/incentives hit cap in year they are paid. Signing bonus is paid all at once, but spread across contract for cap purposes. Last I knew, incentives count against the cap whether they are achieved or not...just in case they are. If not achieved, that amount becomes part of rolled over cap space from one year to next
  9. Would've liked more than 1 year tho...and yeah...with Williams, Booker, and Ross...not sure Golloday or Samuel are in play...we will see
  10. Williams 3 yr, 63 mil...45 mil guaranteed
  11. Williams 3 yr, 63 mil....45 mil guaranteed
  12. We had a roster spot solely for longsnapper too for way longer than any team should...but it was DeOssie...sooooo
  13. I think DG's seat is gonna be getti g warmer after this offseason unless draft picks really pan out. Just don't get Williams over Tomlinson...given cost. And to have a rookie QB on a rookie deal and still be fighting the cap is ridiculous...and COVID hit all teams, it just ours so that's no excuse. Think Gallman might've come cheaper than Booker? I'd rather have kept Wayne. In a couple years, we will be picking tip 10 (still) and overpaying (still). Until we establish some track record of success....players are only coming here if we offer far and above what others do...it is almost a player-induced penalty for sucking.
  14. At very least, he is depth at a position where we are lacking and while some FAs are available, we lack the cap space needed to be real suitors. So he gives us depth and cap space with this...cannot be mad about it.
  15. Would rather have Tomlinson...which won't happen unless Williams restructures the tag deal to something long term...which doesn't seem likely...which sucks
  16. I don't mind taking a shot on guys at times, but if they're garbage, I don't mind sending them packing either.
  17. Let Williams walk, resign Louis Nix....oh wait
  18. I'm kinda split on Beckham. Part of me sees him as a hard working, just wanna win guy who is ultra competitive. Other part of me sees him as a selfish prick who has skated by on his own natural ability and never was taught how to work for something. And as such, he expects the same from everyone else. Either way, there is a disconnect somewhere that rubs people the wrong way despite his talent. And now he's injury prone. How's he gonna react to being the #2 WR is Washington?
  19. Meh...not if he won superbowls. I believe no matter where he played, the winning would bury the bad publicity. I think that mentality starts far below high school. I've seen coaches try to convince parents of starting players to let their kids play when the parents are keeping the kid home for disciplinary reasons. Thereby teaching the kid that 1, they don't suffer the same consequences as non-starters or non-players but 2nd, and to my point, teaches that skill is more important than discipline and self control. It's not right, but it's how it works. Ben might have faced some scrutiny, but if healthy, he would've been on the field come Sunday
  20. Ben needs to be done after that. He was missing on a number of throw that weren't picked. He cant run for shit. 4 picks... Rivers played well enough that I think they could squeak another season from him, but that's about it. Still think we should've picked Ben over Eli, but I won't bitch about what Eli did for this team and how he conducted himself
  21. Distractions, lack of routine, changing job duties, lack of true office area at home....just doesn't lead to being productive. And lack of productivity lends to apathy on my part. Love the flexibility aspect of it, but the requirement and full time work from home blows
  22. Here and there. Working from home amidst COVID sucks pretty hard. Would gladly take chances in the office if I could.
  23. Gotta love that era...Madden stating...that is football is so appropriate. Nowadays, it's a far cry from those days. Finesse has replaced toughness. Can you imagine half today's players playing back then?
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