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  1. We best get a shit ton of picks going 11 to 20
  2. If KG goes down, we still should have a running game with Barkley to at least have so.e balance...just think o line or d end are the bigger need than WR...which sucks a bit cause the draft doesnt line up that way
  3. Parsons, Slater, or Paye at 11...preferred in that order.
  4. I swear I am he only one who does not want a WR in the first for us...tho it's almost a given we're getting one of the Alabama two. I'd rather go OT or DE in the first...LB too if Parsons is there. Like the 2nd rounder. 3rd is where I am starting to look at WR.
  5. I still scratch my head at overall disinterest in him. Hope he does well for the 9ers
  6. No doubt it could scare someone off and force questions....curious how many teams knew about it in medical testing. Bigger concern if he neglected to mention or purposefully hid it. That would be the red flag to me. If I am Pats, he is still a target in the 1st.
  7. If he has had it throughout his college career, seems he has been able to manage it well enough. Only if it is a recent development should it affect draft status.
  8. Gallman signed with 49ers...details forthcoming but I think its just 1 year.
  9. With what we invested in Golladay, I don't want a WR in the 1st. Would rather shore up protection/run lanes or the pass rush. I know pass rushers are not blowing anyone away this year, but we need serious help in getting to the passer. 1st-3rd need to address offensive line, pass rusher, and WR...but I think WR is the least need of those 3 spots
  10. No doubt he looks the Eli part. Someone needs to post the TO 'That's my quarterback' face
  11. But to average 4+ ypc behind a shit oline...you would think he'd sign on as a backup somewhere...
  12. Yeah, I liked him as a backup to Barkley. Other guys were brought in to backup Gallman cause as much as I liked Barkley/Gallman, neither strike me as a 400 touch/season guys. Don't know. Just seemed good enough, above average even, to be on a team somewhere, even if not us.
  13. As long as they aren't all yes men. The wise surround themselves with those willing and encouraged to raise differing opinions. Further, the wise accept that a differing opinion might be better than their own.
  14. I thought he played well in a back up role, especially with our line. Any idea why nobody has picked him up?
  15. If 3 QBs and 3 WRs go before us, I agree that Pitts or Sewell would be only offense we would look at in the 1st. Edge rusher or Parsons are possibilities. I would love Parsons at this point. Whomever we get in 1st, they need to start day 1. 2nd, I like best interior linemen available. 3rd, would like a DE/LB guy. 4th, I'd look at a RB or OT. Then I like the pure athlete approach. Address KR/PR and maybe a WR with upside. End of draft, we need a contributor on the offensive line and to inject some speed/pass rush to our defensive front 7. A backup RB would be nice, but I think that's a luxury. Still want to know where Gallman went so wrong to have not been brought back
  16. Agreed. Even if pass rush is marginally improved, our defense might just be pretty solid. Pass rush and offensive line in draft please!
  17. Provides enough room to sign the rookies I would think. Like our skill positions, like our secondary, like our d line run defense. But until we can protect the passer on offense or get to the passer on defense on some level consistently, gonna be tough sledding.
  18. He's a role player with potential that we have for depth. If he comes in and has 15 sacks and 20 TFL...suffice it to say he will get more next year
  19. Fwiw...I wasn't advocating Owah in the 1st by any means...just impressed by size and speed. Production should def play into draft round. I'd go 3rd, but if projected end 1/top 2, probably won't happen. Also don't know that I like drafting teammates...no good reason why, just don't care for it
  20. I think our line is on the upswing, but still needs another piece. Also of the opinion that a draft without an offensive linemen in the top 4 picks should be a fairly rare exception. Leaning towards Parsons at 11 to pair with Martinez and best offensive lineman available in the 2nd. DE/WR in 3rd and 4th depending upon who is available. And then in 6th and beyond, I'm looking for character and athleticism regardless of position. Glance at RBs and DTs, but don't get tied down to a position at that point
  21. So Parsons ran a 4.39 40. DE there whose name I did not recognize, not Parsons, ran 4.36.
  22. Very much a depth/vet experience kinda deal. Let's hope he doesn't start...like ever
  23. That's assuming it fully rebounds AND catches up to its previous pace...not sure that'll happen. Think 200 is probably better estimate. Either way, these low cap hits this year on big contracta means big hits in future years.
  24. Oh, we're gonna pay the piper at some point for cap purposes...but if cap bounces back, should be tolerable. Still have to hit on draft picks so you can let some overpriced guys walk...
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