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  1. Carsonwentzhispants is one of the greatest internet names of all time. Probably second only to Don Hurlione.
  2. We could always give your buddy Ike Hilliard a call.
  3. Bizarro world scenario: Colt beats Seattle. Causes QB controversy. Wins next 5 to take us to the playoffs and eventually....dare I say it.....the Superbowl. Hey, it's 2020, it could happen.
  4. Just our luck. Hope he's a quick healer. They had things turning around.
  5. After New Year....what....2022? 'Cuz this shit ain't going away anytime soon.
  6. Another branch of the Bellichick coaching tree cut loose. https://www.nfl.com/news/detroit-lions-fire-head-coach-matt-patricia-general-manager-bob-quinn
  7. Not a surprise really, considering our positivity rate is nearly 16%.
  8. That too. I haven't started or posted in a gameday thread. I guess I'll just check back in during the Superbowl parade.
  9. They're only playing better since I put up a sig pic mocking Jones. Now I'm afraid to take it down.
  10. Of course he had no turnovers. Seph deemed him the human turnover last week. I mocked him with a sig pic. WE WON!
  11. Jones isn't the problem. Well, maybe he is. The turnovers are just terrible. But this team has been in the game for most of the losses. They still can't punch it in once they're in the red zone. This goes all the way back to the Coughlin era. Always walking away with 3. It's like there's a shield up once they're inside the 20. No, the biggest problem with this team of non superstars is, they just can't finish. They're like the drunk guy at the club on a Saturday night that's got the girl about to drop her panties and then pukes in her Gucci handbag. No pooty tang for you. It's so frustrating.
  12. Thanks. One of my better Paint jobs.
  13. And what the fuck is "gabba, gabba, gabba"?
  14. As usual, can't get out of our own way.
  15. Honestly, I don't think even Bellichick would make a difference here. He wouldn't be able to produce wins with what he'd have here. Teams need time for things to gel and nobody wants to give up that time. RESULTS NOW!!! Nobody will wait a couple of seasons for things to come together, to draft and develop the right guys as opposed to hoping they can fill holes on day one. We all bitch about the O line, yet some lines take years to develop and with the way contracts are structured, even if you nurture a good O line, it gets dismantled. I'd be willing to support a team that sucked for 2-3 years with the promise of proper development that led to winning seasons and good team chemistry. Supporting a team that sucks and just keeps on sucking isn't any fun. At all. The culture around here has been the same for years: Gosh, golly, gee whiz, we lost again. We have to do better next week. Next season. Then the same old thing happens. New staff, same shitty results. New draft, same shitty results. Free agent signings, same shitty results. We haven't had a "WOW" free agent signing since Plaxico fucking Burress. Yet other teams manage to pick up players and coaches who actually make their teams better. Love the Gmen to death dammit, but high Holy Christ they make it fucking difficult to do so.
  16. Well, there goes the perfect loss record. We can't do anything right.
  17. Left the name alone. Maybe a little controversy gets us a win.
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