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  1. Oh that's just bullshit. Everyone knows it's Jake Fromm State Farm.
  2. Well, you did ask for one position that's been upgraded and they named 2, so, there is that.
  3. Dude? Who am I talking to? Some 12 year old kid?
  4. This will make MakeMeSomeFoodHo sad.
  5. I seriously thought he'd retire.
  6. Well he was quite the experience.
  7. Ooops. Looks like someone posted out of character.
  8. Maybe we can get him to back up Jonesie.
  9. Lughead hacked Nas' account.
  10. The Redheaded Women's Haters Club.
  11. Spags did enough to win the SB. Again. Good for him.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/27/report-chargers-have-moved-on-from-philip-rivers/ https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/28/jay-glazer-i-didnt-report-the-chargers-have-moved-on-from-philip-rivers/ Welcome to offseason NFL news.
  13. Billichick's coaching tree looks like the Charlie Brown Xmas tree.
  14. That's a great segment. I love Eisen. Really going to miss Eli.
  15. I thought I kinda liked Steve Smith, but now I think he can go suck a dick: Gonna miss ya Eli. Thanks for some great memories.
  16. Lol, ok, I get that. I just really hate the idea of turning the Giants into the PatriBoys. Just me being a retarded Cowboy hatin' giants fan.
  17. And no. No. No. The Giants are trying to get younger. We don't need some washed up 37 year old Cowboy. We have the picks and the cap space to get our own guy. Now, if he were to come on as the tight ends coach, that would be different. And for fuck's sake, they should get Eli for the QB coach position.
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