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The Mets suck and they will continue to be irrelevant forever.

Thank You. :wub:


Don't know much about NY baseball history in terms of NL ball and New Yorks affinity as an NL town?

Miss the 1980s?

Never heard who the first NY baseball team to draw 3 million was? Guess what it was 15 long years before the "beloved" Yankees won 114 games, outspent the competition by 90 million and all of a sudden sold out a stadium in a bad neighborhood.


Now get a clue, when you make stupid statements like this, some of us will pounce on your lack of intelligence like a fly on shit. Keep it coming if you so choose, this is fun schooling you on things!

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I wish we made the playoffs lately <_<

atleast we're not like the Yank's and make the playoffs and blow it <_< I'd rather not make it...look at the Giants :(


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Seriously, at least we spend over $100 mil and MAKE the playoffs. :lol:


lol...where are you now, Mr. Motsey...

probably remenissing of a team that you like, thinking of the times when they were good... when they broke thier curse... *sigh* feels like ages ago huh Motes :LMAO:

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