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Shit Folks... I think the Giants fucked up.


Shit Folks.... I think the Giants fucked up.  

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  1. 1. Do you think Daniel Jones resigns with the Giants?

    • Yes
    • No
    • He Gets Franchise Tagged
  2. 2. For how much?

    • 20-25 Mil a Year
    • 25-30 Mil a Year
    • 30-35 Mil a Year
    • 35-40 Mil a Year
    • 40-45 Mil a Year

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I think they try to work out a deal and if nothing works franchise tag him.

The following year the second franchise tag will be 60+ million or something ridiculous, I also think Jones and his team tell the Giants to get fucked and go hit the FA market and some team throws a deal at him.

Jones leaving wouldn't be ideal but I feel in terms of rebuilding the Giants are more than Jones away from actually matching up against the top teams in the league. 

Keep in mind we will basically have a roster turnover these next two years with many players and core players coming up to expiring contracts so it's going to be interesting seeing what the team does. 

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1 hour ago, The P said:

I think he re-signs. 


and declining the 5th year option was the right decision with the information available at the time. 

Yeah pundits acting like the Giants fucked up not picking up the option were the same ones screaming four months ago that the Giants should trade from Wilson because Jones isn't the answer. 

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This season has screwed up the path to get Arch Manning in '25. 

I figured on a few years of suckage, giving us a few years of top 10 draft picks, but that's not going to happen. At least not in the '23 draft. Unfortunately picking in the mid 20's assumes you're a relatively good team and don't need a lot of help. Nothing could be further from the truth about the Giants. They need a of lot help, they just happened to have outplayed their roster talent this year. They never really beat anyone any good until the playoff game, and were 1-4-1 in the division. This is not a "one player away from being a contender" team. I'm hoping they come to some reasonable 2-3 year contract with Jones, tag Barkley, save some cap space for the future, and pick up some draft picks along the way. 

Of course, this is assuming Daboll doesn't become McAdoo pt. duex, and Jones has really turned himself around and wasn't just playing for his future somewhere else. 

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It prob wasn’t his fault but he hadn’t earned that commitment from the team.  They made the right decision and now they’ll be happy to pay him.  Everyone wins in the end 

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The team really didn't believe in him, and I can't blame him for shopping around. 

Now that being said... this is the only coach he's been successful under, and most teams that would likely be interested in signing him are in worse shape than the Giants are. 

I think he stays, and his contract is reasonable. 

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