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It's gameday friends.


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6 hours ago, Virginia Giant said:

Going into the season not expecting much more than indicators things are turning around. First year of a rebuild, so just want to see some evidence the new regime has s a plan and just needs to assemble their team. Rooting for jones to show he’s the guy. 

Rebuilding and I want to see signs that they are heading in the right direction

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2 minutes ago, BronxRik said:

So is this the gameday thread?

If so, fair enough, my record of wins when I do make them is atrocious, I won't make one. 

:giants: GO GMEN!!! :giants:


Could be I think my record is awful as well.

However the Giants have had the worst record in all of football the last 10 years so. 

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6 hours ago, gmenroc said:

Love first Sunday of the season.  Doing pulled pork on the smoker.  Going to grill some garlic parmesan chicken.  Made a cheese ball and gonna make some beer cheese to go along with chips and veggies.

As for Giants...I am not expecting any more than 7 wins and that's only because our schedule is an easy one and I am somewhat optimistic going into week 1.  Not to mention, typical Giants will screw themselves out of a draftable QB in '23

Nice. Wish someone would pull my pork while smoking it. 

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