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Gruden out as Raiders HC


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9 minutes ago, BronxRik said:

He said this about Demaurice Smith during the player lockout: 

Dumbmorris smith has lips like the michelin man. 


But wrong to say.

There must be more because during the game they said there were homophobic and misogynistic as well. 


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9 hours ago, jranieli said:

Gruden is collateral damage on this WFT investigation.

If that Costa Rica shit is real.....holy fuck....

Has there ever been a time the other owners forced another owner out of the league in Football...I think it happened in the NBA.

C. Wagon

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Wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Obviously Gruden got caught but you can't tell me he is the only HC/GM/Owner talking this way in emails and such.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more scapegoats get thrown out of the league to protect the higher ups like Snyder, etc.

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