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Giants v Skins


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59 minutes ago, Sephiroth said:

This is what I mean when I say that the officiating is inconsistent and terrible. 

They called this... but then called a phantom hold that took a TD off the board... and never called a PI on Golladay where he's reaching for the ball with one arm because the DB is literally hugging his other one. 

I remember that play... horrible.  It is like watching wrestling at times with predetermined winners and losers on each play...

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28 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

Lawrence is moving just a bit early, but without the sideline view we can't tell for sure if he's over the line.

I don't think he is though.

I don’t know.   I watched that clip 100 time and it looks like the center moves the ball and Lawrence moves at the exact time.  Like I kept trying to freeze it and it looks right on.   If anything the center has a little hitch in his snap where he raised the ball before snapping it back 

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15 hours ago, Nas said:

Idk about you guys but our boys played their butts off tonight… great game that could’ve gone either way… I didn’t like the sight of Galloday (sp) yelling at DJ on the sidelines… 

Yeah it was a great game, just too bad a number of plays went the wrong way for the Giants.  I'm not concerned about Golladay yelling at DJ yet, emotions run high and he is new to the team.  I'd rather see them yelling than sitting on the bench with the towel over their heads.

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