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Saquon's Gonna Answer the Bell Today.


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22 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

There were a couple plays later in the game that I think if Barkley were in, he would have taken it to the house.

Yeah I thought that too. Deon Lewis fucking sucks and literally brings nothing to the table. 

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I was looking forward to the combo of Barkley and Lewis they both compliment each other well.

Shame it won't be seen this year.

I really hope they give Rod Smith a look on the practice squad. 

He's looked like a very capable runner.

Not flashy just a grinder.

Reminds me of Derrick Ward almost.

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32 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

yeah, he's just alright. Nice role player at most. 

I was hoping for this but I'm afraid he's not even that. I knew we could forget about him being a grinder but I thought maybe he'd have a good burst, decent speed, a bit of wiggle, etc. 

I saw no burst, speed, or wiggle to his game. Went down on first contact too often and didn't seem to bring much to the table overall. I guess his vision was ok. 

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