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Giants expected to fire Shurmur.


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2 minutes ago, Tempest said:

Tweets by twits

I can wait till monday for a final answer or beyond.  Whats the rush to fire the head coach if the next one isn't in line?

I dunno man Shefter has been right on anything he reports.

Was a shame when he left NFL Network and went to ESPN.

Jew really has a pulse on the NFL.


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Gotta give some credit to Shurmur though, dude was spitting truth in his interview.

Saying the defence is lacking any real play makers and talent.

That the Owners/GM were trying to win with a team in rebuild.

How they had the most dead cap of any team the last two years.

Guy is mad yo.

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5 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:


Isnt that the death of a rookie QB?

Having to learn multiple offensive systems in this first couple of year?


Nah, I think that is one of those inverted causation things... bad qbs get coaches fired and new systems imposed on them, it's not the changing of the coaches that makes the QB bad. 

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The thing about firing Shurmur it's not like this team was his image or anything, or his offence is super exotic that only he can coax 5 wins out of it.

Was he set up to fail? Probably. No coach was winning anything more than 8 games with this roster the last two years.

However this team is a blank slate, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

The next HC/OC/DC whatever, they are basically walking into a team with an established RB, promising QB, a few good possession WRs and a terrible Oline.

Defensively it's a bunch of promising DBs and a few DTs.

I just hope they keep Shula around to keep mentoring/coaching Jones.

Gettys seat must be pretty warm though, guy needs to find a new HC and then use all that extra cap space this year into building a winning team.

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20 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

When this guy tweets it, you know it's probably going to happen.


Yup...guy is the best. He is the Ken Rosenthal for nfl news.


Those two guys are by far the hardest working, smartest guys in their respective sport. I listen to anything Ken Rosenthal says about any MLB team as gospel. Same goes for Adam schefter with NFL news

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6 hours ago, Iceman_NYG said:

More like the Cowboy Oline players :)

No the coach.

Every single player they have brought in have excelled under his coaching.

If you look back on it the Cowboys have invested as much into their Oline as JR did.

The difference?

Their coaches developed the players, ours turned them into shit.

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There's another difference.... all those Cowboy OL picks were good value choices. 

One example, Justin Pugh was picked at roughly the same area of the 1st round as Zac Martin....  but in nobody's estimation were those two guys roughly equal prospects.

Or Tyron Smith, a top 10 pick, just like Wreck Flowers (I'll let that autocorrect stand). I actually wasn't pessimistic about Flowers, but I also knew he wasn't the same kind of prospect as Smith. 

Desperate drafting plus mediocre coaching equals the 2010s Giants.



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