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NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles


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that damn Leonard Williams.... I just don't understand him.... he just had a clean release to the QB, and let up for a second, before apparently registering the QB still had the ball I guess?  

Buchanon showing some instincts! Not sure I'm interested in bringing him back, but he's making his case. 

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3 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

As much as I want the Giants to win I know an Eagles victory means Dallas will be sitting at home like the Giants.

So conflicted.

Need more whiskey to figure this out.

I've been thinking about that, and here's where I came down on it. Cowboys to the playoffs is good for us in the long run because just so long as they don't get completely humiliated it will reinforce their current Garrett, Prescott regime... I don't think that's a championship level coach-QB tandem... so the longer they stay in Dallas, the better. 

Tate = cut the bum. 

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