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DeAndre Baker starting to look and sound like a bust.


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Guest jalex745

Most rookie CBs struggle and have some hideous games. But Baker just looks lost on every play and his lack of speed is beyond a concern.

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2 minutes ago, mastershake said:

Will Hernandez too.

He's another "Plays mean and is strong" coming out of the draft much like Flowers.

I think it basically starting to translate too "He's as stupid as a brick and has no technique but he'll shove weaker guys around from time to time"

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When the team looks like it has given up from their body language alone - its enough to make everyone look worse than they actually are. Forget this season - no one on this team is trying no matter what anyone says. They are just running plays and if it works OK - if it doesnt aww shucks. There is no fire passion etc on this team. Just a bunch of guys who want to get paid and for the season to end. This coaching staff cannot inspire this team anymore. Hell even Miami looks more inspired.

Oh well - Chase Young!

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